Some days you have it, some days you don’t.

Bipolar can be a debilitating disease without knowledge, medication and a proper set of Doctors to help one to be able to live a stable life. However, some people choose to stick to what their Doctors have to say and then you have the ones who choose to go medication free. There is a broad spectrum within the Bipolar community. I have gone down both routes and have the days when I am manic happy and don’t want to take my medication, those are the days that I am glad I have a well versed and strong willed partner.

I remember the days when I had no diagnosis, when I knew nothing about Bipolar. My family didn’t know or understand what a ‘rage’ was and were convinced I just had horrible mood swings. They loved the times I would manic and tried to hide and not be in my path on the days I was down and went raging up a storm.

I spent time in a NYC hospital and it was a horrible and a hard experience  for my family, my sorority sisters and friends. It took over 10 years before I was finally diagnosed and that was when I started looking up information about Bipolar Disorder, Mental Illness and Anxiety. What I found out was that there is tons of information but its on this site or that site. So much information but it filled up my tabs on my web browser and I would just feel so overwhelmed.

So with all that said, I’ve decided to create a space where friends, family and self can come and read information on Bipolar or read recent news from various sources that are involved in the care of someone who might be Bipolar. This site will also be a place where the readers can come to connect with other people suffering from the disease. A place that one can find a community who understands and who know exactly what another is going though.


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